Roompot – Charles Cycling Team didn’t get the result we came for in the GP de Denain. Boy van Poppel finished in 24th place, but Lars Boom and his teammates had higher expectations of the French cobbles classic. “I’m very disappointed,” he said after the game. But Boom also praised his colleagues. “The guys worked very hard for me.”

Fifteen riders took off early in the race. Among them also Stijn Steels… until he was dropped at the front after a puncture and because the neutral service car didn’t have the right spare wheels with disc brake with it. “Stijn had a puncture and the neutral service car didn’t have the rifght equipment” stated Lars Boom after the race. “That’s weird, I think. Besides that, we had another 17, so we were too far to react. Otherwise, we would always have had someone up front and we could have anticipated in some way. Now we didn’t so that was unfortunate.”

The peloton was already considerably thinned out when Mathieu van der Poel, the later winner, and Alex Kirsch went in the chase to the leading group on the cobbles, some 40 km from the finish line. “We were always well at the forefront, but not at that moment. I was unable to respond because I was around position twenty in the group and couldn’t get past. I’m very disappointed. I didn’t have super legs, but good enough to follow. I know I’m not worse on the pavé than those riders”, said Boom.

The Roompot-Charles leader is hard on himself in his analysis and takes up responsibility:” I’m gutted that I wasn’t able to reward the team, because the guys did their very best today and they worked really hard for me. So I’m disappointed that I couldn’t react at that moment. I have to blame myself for that.”

“The team were really strong, think. Of course, we are a new team and we all have to make efforts to work well together. That’s getting better and better. Today we’ve seen what we can do for each other, that those guys are prepared to give it their all for me. So again it bothers me that I couldn’t repay them for that today.”


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