Roompot Vakanties to end sponsorship after 2019 - Roompot Charles Cycling Team
Roompot Vakanties to end sponsorship after 2019

Roompot Vakanties will no longer be involved in professional cycling next year. The Dutch chain of holiday parks will end its sponsorship of the team in 2020, after five years. The team management of Roompot – Charles Cycling Team want to express their gratitude to Roompot Vakanties for five beautiful seasons.

The decision not to continue as main sponsor of Roompot – Charles Cycling Team was announced by Roompot Vakanties to the team management on Monday, July 22. It’s a policy choice unrelated to performances, to results or to our partnership of the past years, which is deemed successful and satisfactory by both parties.

As a cycling team we can regret that choice, but above all we are grateful for the many years of support and confidence in our project. We knew from the start of the current season there would be a chance that the one-year contracts of sponsors and riders wouldn’t all be extended. It’s inherent to the business model of cycling and we must respect those choices.

Even though time is against us, the team management is now focusing on the search for a new main sponsor, which is crucial for the continued existence of the team. At the same time, we must be realistic and transparent, first of all towards our riders and employees. We certainly don’t want to prevent them from continuing their career elsewhere when given the opportunity. On the contrary, in the coming months they will get plenty of opportunities to prove their worth. In the remainder of season 2019, we’ll do everything we can to complete our Roompot period in a positive manner and to live up to the reputation we have built in recent years.


Communication Roompot Vakanties: “The objectives of Roompot Vakanties with the cycling team have all been achieved, with the exception of ‘riding a Grand Tour’. The team thus contributed to the international brand recognition of Roompot. The Roompot management speak of an excellent cooperation with the team management during that entire sponsor period and the parties involved will certainly stay in contact. Roompot expressly wishes to thank all riders, team members and the entire cycling world and all its fans for five wonderful years.”


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