“I can finally race again.” He’s had to wait a long time, but Nick van der Lijke is finally set to make his comeback after his shoulder injury and surgery. He and his teammates will be at the start of the Veenendaal – Veenendaal Classic.

Nick van der Lijke crashed in the first stage of the Tour of Norway, at the end of May. The result: a dislocated shoulder. Two weeks later he underwent surgery in the Netherlands. It would take him about three months to recover from his injuries. “It took a while,” he says. “I haven’t raced for more than three months, that’s almost a complete winter. Luckily, I feel a lot better now. For the past ten days I’ve been training in Spain, Altea.”

We will see him back in action on Wednesday, a little earlier than anticipated. His first race will be the Veenendaal – Veenendaal Classic, in his home country. “I’m particularly curious about my form compared to the that of the fit guys. I have to regain race rhythm and aggressiveness. I have to suffer during races to become a better rider again. Then we’ll see how good my form is.”



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