Roompot-Charles Cycling Team was introduced to the press in Kamperland, The Netherlands on Thursday 29 November 2018. The present journalists were shown the new jersey for 2019 and given the opportunity to meet the management, staff and riders of the Dutch-Belgian organization during an informal lunch.

In September 2018, Roompot-Charles Cycling Team was announced as a Pro-Continental cycling team for 2019, an ambitious and professional team with a Dutch and Belgian background supported by naming partners Roompot Vakanties and Charles. On November 29, the sports press was given further information about the project during a lunch with Charles products in Roompot holiday park Noordzee Résidence De Banjaard. Journalists were given the opportunity to get to know all the staff and riders, including the newcomers.

The press presentation was part of a three-day meeting and team building of Roompot-Charles Cycling Team at the Roompot Beach Resort in Kamperland, which includes i.a. a bowling session, a photo shoot and some collective training rides. The goal of the three-day event is to give the riders and staff the chance to get to know eachother in the build-up to the upcoming season and the team’s training camp in Spain in January 2019.

During the press presentation, the new race outfit for 2019 was revealed, a modern cycling jersey by 36 Cycling in black and orange with in white the logos of our jersey partners: Roompot Vakanties, Charles, Fietsenwinkel.nl, CSU, Maxxis, ZLM, 36 Cycling, Luxauto, Sandee Hoveniers, Weststrate and Woestijne42.

Roompot - Charles Ahoy Rotterdam


 “We are a young organization with a group of very enthusiastic and motivated riders and employees”, says Michael Zijlaard, who will be in charge of the day-to-day management of the team together with Nick Nuyens. “We want to show ourselves to the world in a positive way: open, sincere, no-nonsense! We are committed to continuously raising the bar. We want to be a progressive player in the cycling world and keep pushing our boundaries. On the road, but also in the development of our identity, a team identity that puts fan experience at the very centre of it all.”

“We want to stay close to cycling fans, for example by proactively entering into a dialogue with them, by organizing all kinds of events and activities and by communicating openly with the cycling community. We want to feed the fans’ experience around our team on a daily basis. We want to give cycling enthusiasts the chance to experience cycling and races in a fun way. Together we are one big family, connected through our love for cycling”, says Michael Zijlaard.

Nick Nuyens: “What makes the team unique is the combination of cyclo-cross and road cycling. We are Roompot-Charles Cycling Team on the road, but we live under the same roof as our cyclo-cross team ‘Charles’. The strength of this project also lies in the combination of the best elements of both teams, a logical combination with a lot of common ground. Roompot-Charles Cycling Team is in other words a team where professionalism and ambition go hand in hand with openness, authenticity and fun.”

Factor SRM Black Inc


Roompot-Charles Cycling Team is very excited to announce the arrival of Factor, Black Inc., Ceramic Speed, and SRM as technical partners for the upcoming 2019 racing season. Unlike traditional sponsorships, Roompot-Charles Cycling Team will be working with our technical partners’ engineers every day, playing a key role in extracting the maximum possible performance out of our racing equipment. Furthermore, our riders will be actively involved in product development testing for Factor Bikes and our technical partners, with the goal of leveraging feedback from top-tier professionals to help fine-tune performance characteristics across all product types and categories.

Calpe Roompot-Charles


“In sporting terms, we want to continue to build on the foundations laid down by both our forerunners: we want to show our colours in every race, we want to pursue an attacking and attractive race strategy and represent our team partners in a positive way. In short: we want to stick to a positive race attitude”, says Michael Boogerd, one of the three sport directors of Roompot-Charles Cycling Team.

“We want to guide our riders as well as possible in their careers and help them realize their cycling goals. If we can let them move on to a higher level, we can take pride in that. Personal development and growth as a group are important, “adds sport director Erik Breukink.

In addition, the Europe Tour will be an important sporting objective. The team want to achieve good results, for example in the smaller stage races or in the (semi)classics. As a Pro Continental team, it is our ambition to come as close as possible to the smaller WorldTour teams. The reforms at the UCI make race results more important. The World Ranking for 2020 will be based on the results of the 2019 season. “That’s an extra challenge for our team, for which we’ll want to rack up as many points as possible throughout the year. It’s of vital importance to be among the top teams in the Europe Tour”, according to Jean-Paul van Poppel, who will also be sport director next season.

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