One of the prominent representatives of the bike crews in cycling and betting – Roompot-Charles

Roompot-Charles is a pro men’s cycling club from Holland. For her, the first big tournament season was the 2015 season, when the crew was invited to participate in many competitions around the Earth, such as the UCI, Eneco Tour and Tour of Flanders. Betting on such a crew has simultaneously started to grow. It was noteworthy that the club included only Dutch athletes, which would be a certain feature of Roompot-Charles. Already in the same 2015, at the end of summer, the team obtained the first grand winning in the group sprint tournament and granted bettors the opportunity to gain money.

Delve into the history of the cycling team

The early days of Roompot-Charles came back in 2014, when one of the Dutch athletes expressed his intention to create a fresh new cycling club so that it could compete in various tournaments at the high level. What caused this desire? All the while, there were a large number of functioning cycling teams, but none of them could boast of at least an average level of their professionalism and their places in the ranking were below the medium level. The creation of the new sports unit also provided a hold up for the evolution of young and ambitious Dutch cyclists. Breaking is considered one of the main instigators of this idea, and was later supported by other people.
Initially, the crew was named Orange Cycling. This name reflects the traditional color of the country, Holland, which is orange. A sponsor was immediately found for the athletes in the same 2014. Due to the name of the sponsor, the club changed its name and received the already familiar Roompot-Charles, with which it debuted in 2015 at tournaments.

The first launch of the newly created team

Roompot-Charles officially created in early January 2015. What did this start mean? First of all, with the creation of the new sports unit, the public’s attention was immediately drawn to the so-called identity of the Netherlands. Namely, a lot of public and media attention was drawn to the color of the team’s official uniform – orange. Thus, Holland in the context of cycling again clearly declared itself. Immediately after the official launch, the club was invited to participate in various tournaments in different countries, and the head coach made a statement that an application had been made to a cycling event in Mallorca in the same launch year.

The first achievements of newly minted cyclists

With his first debut in 2015, one of the team’s riders named Raymond immediately obtained fifth place in the championship in Mallorca, and he also entered the top ten medalists (he managed to obtain eighth place in the Kuurne-Brussels-Kuurne race in 2015). Moreover, another athlete Kreder officially took the third step in the final of the championship in Portugal, but then the result was canceled due to an incorrect sprint. In the same year, many cyclists of the Roompot-Charles team won prizes and were included in the top 5 prize-winners of various competitions. The crew called this start crazy and overwhelming.

What did Roompot-Charles show in 2016?

In 2016, the first non-Dutch rider joined the team. The club’s decision to take him is due to his good ratings and statistics. But there was a question – what prompted Peter (the new driver) to sign a contract with Roompot-Charles? In an interview, Peter said that he was bribed by the so-called Dutch identity and dedication to the country and was struck by the bright orange color of the riders’ uniforms.

What did you give the team in 2017-2018?

These two years were a very busy period in the history of Roompot-Charles: a lot of competitions, dizzying victories and prizes, fame and attention from the public. The presence of a permanent sponsor even more stimulated the participants to give their all during the cycling events. In mid-2018, it was even announced that Roompot-Charles was joining another crew, slightly smaller in strength, but rather ambitious. Thus, Roompot-Charles was gaining bigger and bigger success and betting demand.

Roompot-Charles and 2019 Kuurne – Brussels – Kuurne

In 2019, the team took part in the Kuurne-Brussels-Kuurne cycle race, in its 71st stage. This race is considered part of the European Tour. Roompot-Charles was invited to take part in the race, the crew agreed with pleasure, but unfortunately, none of the participants managed to get even into the top 10 winners of the competition. dragon and tiger game

After such an unexpected defeat, sponsor Roompot-Charles swiftly announced the end of sponsoring cycling activities. The crew was completely at a loss and desperately tried to find a new sponsor, but they failed. Betting quotations started to decrease. In the same year, 2019, Roompot-Charles announced that in the next season they would no longer go out on the track, as it turned out later, the team ceased to exist altogether. For all this came as a surprise and shock, but nothing could be changed. Kuurne Brussels was a defining moment for the cycling team in terms of its future.

How brightly and quickly the team appeared, it also quickly faded away from the betting world

Agree that after such a rapid rise and development, no one would have thought that such a bright cycling star could fade away so quickly and disappear from the eyes of the audience. But that’s exactly what happened with Roompot-Charles, no one expected it. However, we can still thank Roompot-Charles for the dizzying moments that she gave to the audience and the fans, and for the huge possibilities that it provided to betting fans, since it was this team that the betting bookmakers were crazy about. To bet on them was like a cause for pride.
Moreover, Roompot-Charles has provided tremendous possibilities for novice cyclists from the native country to develop, work and grow. After the announcement of the breakup of the team, many of its members found places for themselves in other equally respectable cycling clubs and continued their free careers with great gratitude to their first club.