It may seem that such events cannot occur. How is it that the legendary crew in the prime of its life ceases to function? Such questions arose for every Roompot-Charles fan, for every person close to the athletes, for every bettor who had Roompot-Charles as their favorite and often brought in large amounts of winnings.

What caused the end of Roompot-Charles?

After 5 years of brilliant performances and races, starting from 2015 and the debut tournament, already in 2019, the team manager published a statement in August that the crew would not enter the next season and completely cease to exist. The reason was not immediately disclosed, however, after some time the facts were revealed. The main sponsor of the team refused to continue funding the club’s activities. It seems nothing special, the usual change of sponsors. However, this company sponsored the club for almost all 5 years, and after their refusal to find a new sponsor, it turned out to be simply unrealistic. The manager of Roompot-Charles stated that the decision to end the activity was open for a very long time in the hope of a new sponsor. But it was all in vain and still had to do what they did.

Why was Roompot-Charles’ departure so painfully received?

As you know, the club debuted at the beginning of 2015 and created a huge response when for the first time cyclists took to the distance in bright orange T-shirts. This color is not only considered the national color of the Netherlands, but has also come to symbolize the Roompot-Charles team. Thanks to such paints, the club managed to get a very famous and good rider into its roster – as the rider himself said, he was struck by the fact that the club was identified.
Moreover, given the wide popularity of the crew among the betting lines of bookmakers, as well as among bettors who often bet on Roompot-Charles participants and received not small winnings due to good quotes, there is no doubt why the team’s departure was taken very close to heart .

How did the club finish their performance?

Unfortunately, in 2019, the club was not able to show itself brightly in international tournaments, and the fans were especially surprised when, at the 2019 Kuurne–Brussels–Kuurne championship, none of the crew members could enter the top 10 winners according to the results of all races. Why it seemed strange – because the team showed brilliant races throughout all 5 years of their performances. Now we can already say that 2019 was a turning point for Roompot-Charles. Perhaps the riders had some kind of bad premonition. And such factors greatly affect the psychological state of athletes, which directly affects their actions at a distance. At the very end of the season, Roompot-Charles had several one-day races planned, but as you might guess, no one got the prizes, since there was nothing to try for.

The team gave opportunities for the growth of young riders

No matter what anyone says about the Roompot-Charles and their rapid disappearance, the crew was still legendary. Such brilliant races taught the club members a lot, gave them a huge amount of motivation and experience. The team manager himself said that he was proud of who his cyclists have become, and he is very glad that with 5 years of activity they helped each other to take a step into the World Cycling Tour. When the crew ceased to exist, such excellent riders were quickly invited to different clubs, some were offered contracts even before the official announcement of their departure. So it was the start of Roompot-Charles that helped make the riders who they are.