Having started its activity back in 2015, making its debut at one of the famous tournaments right away, the Roompot-Charles club immediately won the hearts of many fans around the world. The races of the cyclists of this team demonstrated more and more confidence in victory with each exit at a distance. And confident cyclists are very popular with the fans. Moreover, from the very first year of the club’s operation, a huge number of bookmakers immediately noticed Roompot-Charles and began to develop various types of bets on this team in the lines of paintings of their companies. The odds and quotes were crazy, which means that the winning bets brought their owners a decent amount of money. Thus, a few months after the debut of the club, bets on it were presented in most of the most reputable bookmakers in the world, and every day more and more bets were made precisely in the context of Roompot-Charles performances.

2016 brought a huge victory for Roompot-Charles on the Tour

From the very first day of the competition, the Roompot-Charles riders began to gradually win prizes in one-day races. The first victory was obtained on the first day in the second race. Racers were not stopped by any obstacles, any difficulties and weather conditions. They confidently went to victory and wanted to win among the teams in the overall standings of the tournament. Moreover, in the final they won four out of five races, which proved their will to win. 2016 was a rediscovery for the Roompot-Charles team – they were able to show themselves to the world in all their glory and loudly declare themselves to rivals.

Orange color as a country and club identification factor

We have repeatedly recalled what struck the whole world from the very beginning during the debut exit of Roompot-Charles in cycling. It was the bright orange color of the cyclists’ jerseys. Why was orange chosen? This color was originally considered to be the national color of the country of the Netherlands. And why not use this color in the form of the Dutch cycling club? The answer was obvious. Bright orange T-shirts immediately caught the eye of fans and opponents. From 2015 until the last days of the club, their orange color has been a special identification factor for Dutch cyclists on the international racing scene.

Roompot-Charles doping policy is clear

From the very first days of its existence, the club was of the opinion that it does not tolerate and does not use any types and possibilities of doping in its practice. Moreover, all cyclists and even the team staff signed an agreement at the beginning, in which they pledged not to use anything similar or related to doping, either in the present or in the future, and also claim that in the past they were not connected in any way with substances prohibited in sports. Anyone who violated the terms of the contracts were immediately fired from the club. But no matter how many checks were made on the members of the Roompot-Charles team, they were never noticed in the use of doping. The reputation was crystal clear, and this bribed people even more.

The combination of all factors made the team a gold mine

Betting with complete confidence that the bet will not be voided due to involvement in doping – what can be better than confidence? It is these features of development, functioning and national devotion that contributed to the fact that Roompot-Charles fell in love with so many fans, and for many bettors they opened the way to the world of easy and pleasant bets.